Memories of Willie – my brother

My last long conversation with Willy was when you all visited us in Connemara as a family Maureen.

Both of us were in the kitchen and he was all chat about all the other Connemara houses he had visited during that time and of course his turn of phrase was funny and he made me laugh, that was Willy all over he had such a great sense of fun!

He suddenly became engrossed then with an old pine dresser and was examining it in great detail. I was busy getting food ready and wasn’t taking alot of what he said in. But looking back I realise he had a great eye for detail and a genuine respect for good workmanship (another Willy trait most of you will recognise).

Maureen and Liam, my heart goes out to you both, we may be far away but our thoughts are of you during this very difficult time.
Take care and much love.
Margie X

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