One Year Anniversary – August 15th 2016

Its been a year, August 15th 2015 since Willie lost his life in an accidental drowning in Boston, Ma.

He was laid to rest on August 22nd 2016 at St. Ann’s Church, 757 Hancock Street., Quincy, MA 02170 –

On October 25th 2015 after a mass in Oldcastle, there was a memorial service at The Fincourt in his hometown of Oldcastle Co. Meath. A wonderful gathering of friends and family attended.

Willie’s final resting place is in a beautiful spot in St. Mary’s, Reardon Street, Quincy, MA 02169. See –  Thanks to Maureen for picking the spot and the headstone and making it happen.

Willie’s son Liam got the chance to visit with Willies family in Oldcastle Co Meath and also got to meet his Granny, Willies Mother.

Liam and Granny 2016

It was a wonderful opportunity for everyone to hang with  Liam and to see how much Liam looks like his Dad at his age.

Liam and his Uncle Tony

Liam and his Uncle Tony

Liam also got to hang out with his cousins and play football and see where Willie spent his younger years

Wille and his Uncle Tommy

Liam and his Uncle Tommy

On a personal note, while the passing of time and life’s trials and tribulations makes his passing a little easier, there hasn’t been much time where I haven’t thought to myself – Willie wont get to see this or experience that.

I often feel saddened that I’m not in Boston or that when I finish my day its late and I dont get to chat with Liam or Maureen.

On this day, lets remember Willie as he was and as he is in Liam. Lets try harder to make his life mean more by sharing our lives and our memories with Liam and sharing our memories of Willie with our families.

Please feel free to share memories, pictures and any other thoughts/feelings etc.

Hugs to all – Stephanie (Willies sister)

Lunch at Mammy's house.

Lunch at Mammy’s house.

4 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary – August 15th 2016

  • These Things Can Never Die
    Charles Dickens (1812-1870)

    The pure, the bright, the beautiful
    That stirred our hearts in youth,
    The impulses to wordless prayer,
    The streams of love and truth,
    The longing after something lost,
    The spirit’s yearning cry.
    The striving after better hopes;
    These things can never die.

    The timid hand stretched forth to aid
    A sister in her need,
    A kindly word in grief’s dark hour
    That proves a friend indeed;
    The plea for mercy softly breathed,
    When justice threatens high.
    The sorrow of a contrite heart;
    These things shall never die.

    Let nothing pass, for every hand
    Must find some work to do,
    Lose not a chance to waken love;
    Be firm and just and true.
    So shall a light that cannot fade
    Beam on thee from on high,
    And angel voices say to thee,
    These things can never die.

    • Perfect choice. Not only for the moment and memory but I can hear Willie’s soft voice and see his crooked smile as I read. – Steph

  • LIam and I went to mass for Willy today and this women walked up to me and said “this child of yours is going to be a priest when he grows up its not from me someone else told me” Thought Willy would get a kick out of that . We miss you every day.

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