Remembering 6 years in

So recently spent time back in Oldcastle for the nephews and nieces getting together at the Mas old house in Newcastle. It has been completely refurbished and now has only 2 rooms so we had campers and tents and a great week.

I think Willie would have loved the banter and music and stories. He’d have also enjoyed the jar plus the tales and the stories. He probably would have helped with the cleaning up too 🙂

My old room is now a bathroom and as I was taking a shower I looked out adn recalled having a huge fight with Willie and he climbing out the window to get away from me and jumping on the roof and clambering down. I was so angry with me for that I thought my head would explode. I suppose when he died I had that same anger too but after 6 years it has mellowed. I thank time for that.

The family also kept some of the old “Our Way ” magazines and there was some great stories and pics in there which took me back too.

2 thoughts on “Remembering 6 years in

  • Looking at the photos from that week, there was one of Liam (Willie’s nephew Liam) and for a moment I thought it was a photo of Willie as a young lad.
    So basically, we all live on in the dna we share…
    Nice Post Stephanie!

  • Thanks Eileen. Good point. The next generation may want to get moving on it though, as of today we are all piled into Tiernan (no pressure !)

    Some folk have asked What was the fight about ? Well we were fighting over the washing up. Go figure !

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