Willie is traveling……After 7 years is it okay to celebrate ?

So Steph here. Myself and Owen brought Willie and Anto to a new place last month. Anto has consistently talked about Amalfi Coast to me and Willie but she said to me, at least, it was her best vacation. She learned to freeze Aloe Vera lotion cause it was more effective against sunburn for example.[…]

Happy Birthday – last year of your 40s

Hi there Bro, Its been a strange year. I’m sure you’d have plenty to say about it – War, Pandemic, Crazy Politics – but probably would have gone back to the old faithful. Poetry, literature and arguments and the arts. Wish I could raise a glass and argue and chat…..plus I’d love to watch you[…]

Remembering 6 years in

So recently spent time back in Oldcastle for the nephews and nieces getting together at the Mas old house in Newcastle. It has been completely refurbished and now has only 2 rooms so we had campers and tents and a great week. I think Willie would have loved the banter and music and stories. He’d[…]

Happy Birthday Willie

48 already. I cant quite believe it. and you are not here to celebrate. Perhaps if you were we would have finally got to the lake on the other side of the mountains. Perhaps not. But we don’t have the chance anymore. Plus knowing me Id never have gotten around to planning it and asking[…]


Hey Steph, a friend of mine raises and releases monarch butterflies. She asks for names of those who passed to honor them when it’s time for release. This one is for Willie 🧡 – Sue Fidler

5th Anniversary

5 years ago today, Willie passed. It seems like a lifetime ago and also a defining moment in our lives. There was a great celebration of his life and what he meant to us and to those he touched. In 2016 we met his daughter, Delilah who has many of his talents and who has[…]

Happy 47th

Hi little bro, Tis your birthday again. Another year older, another year wiser ! – Heh thats what I would be saying to you if you were here. Possibly not saying to you but at least texting you. But you’re not here and I miss you. I miss that I cant do that. I was[…]

15th August 2019 – Four Year Anniversary

I dont know that to say…….I just know that I still miss you Willie and even though there is that saying that time heals…..I feel like I miss you more than ever and Anto, well my heart is full of you too. I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have[…]