Willie’s 45th birthday

Today Willie would be 45. A milestone. Perhaps Delilah and Liam would have spent the day with him. Perhaps not. Either way I hope Delilah and Liam get to meet many of Willie’s nephews and nieces – their cousins this summer. He’d be delighted with that.  As he would be with his kids beauty and talent.[…]

Remembering Willie on second Anniversary

My uncle Willie lived with me and me Ma when I was a teenager. He was an eccentric, erudite, eloquent hard worker and harder drinker. He was a painter and decorater, who took great pride in his work. When he painted a room it looked so perfect it was like the paint had grown out[…]

Second Anniversary Aug 15th 2017

A long long time ago….. Well another year has passed without Willie in it and we have learned so much. We discovered that Willie has a daughter – Delilah Fidler. A lot of the family have talked to her through Facetime, messenger etc. I met her when she and her Mum Sue came to visit[…]

One Year Anniversary – August 15th 2016

Its been a year, August 15th 2015 since Willie lost his life in an accidental drowning in Boston, Ma. He was laid to rest on August 22nd 2016 at St. Ann’s Church, 757 Hancock Street., Quincy, MA 02170 – http://willieleahy.com/memorial-service/ On October 25th 2015 after a mass in Oldcastle, there was a memorial service at The Fincourt[…]

Willie – Oldcastle 1988

Willie and Damian Reilly on the Macra Na Feirme Pub Derby 1988 Oldcastle County Meath – Willie and Damian Reilly Thanks to Martin Smith for taking the video and Paul Connors for the upload and link

Memories of Willie – Oldcastle

Like Robbie, I only knew Willie as a teenager while I was a child. But growing up in Oldcastle I’m often asked about him by those who knew him and grew up with him, and people often share their memories of him with me. He is remembered around Oldcastle for his humour and wit, his[…]

Memories of Willie – my brother

My last long conversation with Willy was when you all visited us in Connemara as a family Maureen. Both of us were in the kitchen and he was all chat about all the other Connemara houses he had visited during that time and of course his turn of phrase was funny and he made me[…]

Memories of Willie – my Uncle

Hamlet’s famous soliloquy that begins, “to be, or not to be” was one of Willie’s favourite passages. I remember this as at age four he had me learn it by heart while he was living with us at Portobello rd. I can still recite the passage, even though I never studied the play at school,[…]

Memories of Willie – Skerries

When Willie started national school in Skerries he would finish baby infants at lunchtime and go to the bank to be driven home by daddy – of course on lots of occasions daddy would be in the pub and Willie would just sit in the car and wait – this tiny little boy. I looked[…]