Memories of Willie – Oldcastle

Like Robbie, I only knew Willie as a teenager while I was a child. But growing up in Oldcastle I’m often asked about him by those who knew him and grew up with him, and people often share their memories of him with me. He is remembered around Oldcastle for his humour and wit, his remarkable talent for literature and writing, for the craic, and for his talent at playing pool!

I remember a couple of years ago being in Halpins and Rita pulled out some old magazines from St Olivers that had some of Willie’s writing in it. I can’t remember the words, but we were all in awe at how eloquent he was for a young fella at school! I have asked Rita to pull these magazines out for me again, and I will send the passage on to you all when I have it.

I feel very sorry now that I never made it over to America while Willie was alive, to meet him properly as an adult. I hope to make it there sometime over the next few years, to get to know Liam and Maureen, and the rest of you across the water.

In the meantime, my deepest condolences to you both. Thinking of you during this difficult time, especially over the coming days.

Lots of love to you all,

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