Willie and Skerries

Willie Leahy and Gerrard Marrey and Bernadette Marrey
Growing up, I spent more time in the company of Willie

and his family than I did with my own cousins.

and they are all happy memories.

I had my first Big Mac with Willie after going shopping with Mrs Leahy

and Willie. I had my first pint of Guinness with Willie,

well the first one that I enjoyed anyway. At that time the two loves in Willies life were

Guinness and Snooker. He loved Jimmy White the snooker player possibly because of his

fast passionate exciting gameplay , as opposed to someone like Steve Davis

who was a bit like watching paint dry. Willie loved nothing more than

going for a pint of guinness and a game of snooker.

Willie and me were friends when he lived in skerries from the ages of 4 to around 11.

We got up to all sorts of shenanigans together.I had the most fun with Willie.

He was a generous and selfless person who never put himself first.

At the time in skerries there were five lads that used to hang around together.

Willie , Me , Michael Woods and Kevin Woods and Emmet Clinton. I contacted

Emmet but he couldn’t make the memorial mass. The other two lads I’m not in contact with

but I may come across them and if I do we will surely have a whiskey for Willie.

Gerrard Marrey, 2015

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