Willie is traveling……After 7 years is it okay to celebrate ?

So Steph here. Myself and Owen brought Willie and Anto to a new place last month. Anto has consistently talked about Amalfi Coast to me and Willie but she said to me, at least, it was her best vacation. She learned to freeze Aloe Vera lotion cause it was more effective against sunburn for example.[…]


Hey Steph, a friend of mine raises and releases monarch butterflies. She asks for names of those who passed to honor them when it’s time for release. This one is for Willie šŸ§” – Sue Fidler

5th Anniversary

5 years ago today, Willie passed. It seems like a lifetime ago and also a defining moment in our lives. There was a great celebration of his life and what he meant to us and to those he touched. In 2016 we met his daughter, Delilah who has many of his talents and who has[…]

Willie’s 45th birthday

Today Willie would be 45. A milestone. PerhapsĀ Delilah and Liam would have spent the day with him. Perhaps not. Either way I hope Delilah and Liam get to meet many of Willie’s nephews and nieces – their cousins this summer. He’d be delighted with that.Ā  As he would be with his kids beauty and talent.[…]