Willie is traveling……After 7 years is it okay to celebrate ?

tranto-punta-cavo-italy 2022

So Steph here. Myself and Owen brought Willie and Anto to a new place last month. Anto has consistently talked about Amalfi Coast to me and Willie but she said to me, at least, it was her best vacation.

She learned to freeze Aloe Vera lotion cause it was more effective against sunburn for example. She loved the boat trip, splashing in the Mediterranean, the food, the company….

I don’t know if she told anyone else about these trips but heh…I remember Willie always loved a story and Anto as well so I took a piece of them and laid them to rest here on the coast where their remains are pieces of the stones and the sea and the grottos and the sun.

So Willie as I remember that today 7 years ago that you passed in water, I feel sad for you and the potential that is lost.

I also think of you and celebrate Liam (your son,) who recently graduated to High school plus hung out with your sisters, Margie and Nora in Ireland.

I also think of you Delilah who hung out with all of our extended family in Ireland and we played in water with stones. I know if Willie were here he’d be extra proud !

I think how much Anto would love being with you in Italy – stones, sea, sand and water – and how much you hung out in the water space.

Wish you were still here, my love. Sad I/We. You could not have changed your world so you could physically be with us all. But at least you are here…..in our hearts, mind and spirit.

Plus you and Anto would have a good giggle….

Love you,


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